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Bandaged Cube
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The first mass produced bandaged 3x3x3.

Similar to the regular 3x3x3 puzzle except that some of the centre and edge pieces, or edge and corner pieces are fused together, restricting the amount of possible moves and increasing the difficulty in solving.
This specific bandaged is derived from the Bicube which Raoul Raba first described. The difference is the white-orange-blue 2x2x2-block which is completely fused in Rabas Bicube.
Of the ca. 4000 possible bandaged cubes this one is special because there is no free floating edge and only one unbonded corner piece. The bandaging pattern was thought up by Uwe Meffert's son Ulrich.
The images here were made with the help of the later produced DIY kit. The version produced by Mefferts used even this unusual color scheme.

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