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Dave's Diamond
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An edge-turning hexagonal dipyramid sliced through the origin.

Dave's Diamond is a hexagonal dipyramid, shaped such that slice planes at a certain angle through the origin of the puzzle have four-way symmetry. Each of the 12 resulting axes can turn in increments of 90 degrees. But when the puzzle is shape-shifted, only half of the axes remain available for turning. This set of axes are all at right angles to each other, so that Dave's Diamond can be thought of as two overlapping but rotationally offset 2x2x2 cubes.
These rotations are equivalent to a subset of the rotations of the Big Chop. This makes Dave's Diamond equivalent to a bandaged Big Chop.

Dave built the first version from 2012 with a "magnets and steelball" mechanism. In 2014 he presented another version implemented with Jason Smiths skirtings rails mechanism, please refere to image #6.



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