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A face turning tetragonal antiprism. A fudged puzzle.

AntiCube was suggested by Jason Smith but designed by Oskar van Deventer. It has the geometry of a square antiprism. This twisty puzzle has ten turning faces: two square and eight triangular. It has only edge pieces, which turn over and under each other in unexpected ways.
Quite a lot of fudging was needed to make this puzzle design work, as the radius of rotation is different for the square and triangular faces. Also, the edges of the pieces are razor-sharp in order to make the puzzle "water-tight". This makes the turning a bit awkward, as the sharp edges of the pieces tend to cut into each other.
Oskar has also tried to give this puzzle corner pieces, but he could not find a fudged solution that worked. So instead he elongated the edge pieces to cover the corner space.

The puzzle has 10461394944000 = 10.5*10^12 permutations if all pieces are considered distinguishable and their orientations visible.
Compared with the number available if the puzzle can be disassembled and reassembled there are three restrictions:
-The edges can't be oriented.
-The orientation of the squares must have the same parity as the permutation of the edges.
Stickered as shown here the puzzle has 1307674368000 = 1.3 *10^12 permutations.

Edge length: 61 mm
Weight: 62 grams



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