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F-Skewb = Offset Skewb + 4 Dino cuts

This is a Skewb with two-fold stretched "face square" and with four additional dino-cuts. Like a Master Skewb, it has 2 cuts on 4 axis, but the cuts are not placed equidistantly with respect to the core. One cut of each pair cuts vertices, thus resembling Dino cuts and reducing the number of elements and making the puzzle much easier to solve.

Mathematically it can also be considered as a TomZ's Dino Skewb that is bandaged over half of all face diagonals.

On each face one can see a Cyrillic letter ะค (or Greek Phi) which is read as F, that's why it was named it F-Skewb.

The puzzle has an edge length of 43 mm and uses a 4-armed spider just like the Skewb does.

In 2012 the creator presented a new improved version. This one shall not pop and measures 57 mm.

In December 2009 Daqing Bao presented a sketch of this puzzle but no working sample. In 2014 mass production of a variant (with black and white bodies) started. Its name is "Dayan Dino Skewb Cube".



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