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1x2x3A very simplistic cuboid but a must for completionists.
2 Layer Super Square 1A super Square-1 reduced to 2 layers.
2x2x2 X-CubeThe concept of the X-Cube adapted to a 2x2x2 with spherical cuts.

2x2x2 X-CubeThe 2x2x2-variant of the X-Cube.
2x2x4 Sliding BlockA sliding block puzzle with an unusual size.
2x2x5Another cuboid in the 2x2x6. Implemented five years after the 2x2x6.

2x2x7 (regular cubies)The 2x2x7 made by Tony Fisher is a late follow-up to his 2x2x6.
2x3x5A cuboid made from a 2x3x3. The original puzzle received two new layers of pieces.
3 Square in 1Three samples of a Square-1 combined with what looks like a 2x2x2.

3D-Skewb cubeA mass produced piece shuffle. The pieces of a skewb and a skewb ultimate were exchanged.
3x3x3 Circle CubeThe crazy version of the 3x3x3.
3x3x3 Triangular PrismA 3x3x3 in shape of a triangular prism.

3x3x5 OctahedronA variation of the 3x3x5 (by that time no mass produced puzzle!) inspired by Trajbers octahedron.
4 Centers Bandaged 4x4x4A 4x4x4 with two blocks out of 4 center pieces.
4 Color Sudoku CubeAnother 4x4x4 Sudoku but with just 4 colors.

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