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Other Puzzles: Siamese & Fused
3x3x3 LLs2F L2LsFsThese two connected and additionally bandaged 3x3x3 implement two subgroups of the 3x3x3 at once.
3x4x5 (Evil Cuboid)A not fully-functional cuboid. Made from a siamese-variant.
3x4x7 (extended triamese)A triamese cube that looks like a cuboid.

4CubesFour parts (looking like a 3x3x3) connected into a single puzzle. The second (the other being an 11x11x11) collaboration of Tony Fisher with another designer.
4x4x4 Evil Hexagonal DipyramidAnother hexagonal dipyramid. This time made from a pair of Fused Cubes.
4x6x7 (extended Siamese)This 4x6x7 is made just like a 3x4x5 (extended Siamese). It's based off of two 4x4x4s instead of two 3x3x3s.

5 combined TetrasFive Pyramorphixes fused into one puzzle.
Arch CubesTwo 3x3x3's fused into one puzzle creating a unusual Siamese-variant which is equivalent (solvingwise) to the Barbell Cube.
B12C111A twofold implementation of the slice cube group.

Bi-Colour Siamese CubesA sticker mod of the common siamese cubes with many identical pieces.
Bino CubeTwo Dino Cubes glued into a single puzzle.

Brams FortressEight cubes which outwards going faces twist connected to each other in sets of four faces.
Chain and Bar CubeTwo 3x3x3's bandaged and connected.
Chaos cuboid 3x5x5A Siamese Cube with several cubies glued on to give it the look of a 3x5x5.

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