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Puzzle Related: Games
Color MatchPlayers have to match colored squares in 3 x 3 grids.
Cube Twister - Rubik's Cubes Jig Saw500 pieces with an asembld size of 40 cm * 50 cm.

Frustr8torSeveral different "8 queens" puzzles usually played on a chess board.
LastoutAn electronic two-player game although one player might be replace by the computer.

Magellán / MagellanTwist the pieces to ensure no two like colours are side by side (on either side of the puzzle!)
Rubik's Brain GameUse logic & deduction to solve the hidden color code. Ssimilar to the Mastermind game.
Rubik's ChallengeCube based game for 2 to 6 players

Rubik's CodeA two player game like a two dimensional Mastermind.
Rubik's Cube Card GameA card game of bids, tricks & trumps.
Rubik's Double Sided ChallengeA jigsaw puzzle with 15 double sided pieces.

Rubik's Eclipse"The world's most addictive strategy game."
Rubik's GameCreate a row of 3 pegged squares of ONE of your colors - vertically, horizontally or diagonally, on one side of the Cube.
Rubik's IllusionTwo-player game which makes use of a mirror.

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