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GiftStar Inc.
100$ MugA mug with a puzzle in the style of a 15-puzzle. This one depicts a 100-USD note.
Be My Valentine MugThis red mug is obviously designed to be a Valentine's Day gift.
Dad is king of the hill MugA blue mug obviously created to be a gift for a father.

Get Well MugThis blue mug is the perfect get well present for the sick, coffee-drinking puzzle fan.
Mug - NumbersA mug with a puzzle in the style of a 15-puzzle. This one shows the numbers 1-14.
RĂ©seau arc en cielA mug advertising for tires in french language.

Star Trek Captain MugBlack mug with dark red tiles.
Star Trek Enterprise MugBlack mug with a picture of the Enterprise on the sliding tiles.
Star Trek Klingon MugDark green mug with red Klingon symbol on sliding tile puzzle.

Star Trek Romulan MugBlack mug with the Romulan symbol on black tiles.
Star Trek Starfleet Academy MugBlack mug with multi-color Starfleet symbol.
Star Trek The Next Generation MugBlack mug, featuring "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

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