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Tsukuda Original
Babylon Tower (Tsukuda)Obviously from Japan.
Color Cube PuzzleEight cube in a case with nine possible slots. The cubes have to be rolled around to scramble and solve the puzzle.
Cubik PuzzleJapanese version of the 2x2x2 in a plastic come typical for the original cube craze.

Four by four Alternative versions of Tsukuda square with a several animals instead of coloured or numbered pieces.
HamsterProduced under license from Seven Towns. Comes in Japanese packaging.

Hello Kitty Cube (Tsukuda)The official Hello Kitty Rubik's Cube, created with white plastic.
itSimilar to Tsukuda's Square. Marketed in Britain.

Japanese Jumbo 2x2x2 CubeJapanese version of the jumbo sized 2x2x2, distributed by Tsukuda Original.
Missing Link (Tsukuda)Tsukuda Original's 1981 release of the Missing Link.
Popeye Pocket Cube (Tsukuda) The Tsukuda version.

Professor Cube (Tsukuda)Version by Tsukuda.
Puzzle Avenger (asian version)This Puzzler was made in Taiwan (not for sale in the U.S.A.)
Rubik's CbueA very tiny 1x1x3 which pretends to be a Mini cube. Please note the spelling error on the packaging.

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