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Politoys (aka: Politechnika)
Büvös DominoSome package variants for the 2x3x3, all made out of cardboard.
Blind Man's DominoRaised dots allow this version to be solved by touch alone.
Bognar Buvos GolyokA variation of instant insanity with 4 balls in a frame.

BolygokA derivative of instant insanity with 8 balls in a cubic configuration.

Finomszerelvénygyár Eger (promotional cube by Politechnika)Seems to be a promotional item produced by Politechnika.
FordulóA 2x2x2 DIY kit from the original cube craze.
Gutes aus UngarnSeems to be a promotional item produced by Politechnika.

Hungarian Mini Magic Cube"Drei dimensionierte logische Mathematik"
A 2x2x2 from Politoys with just three colours and an unusual size.

Magic DominoThe 1982 Politoys version with a spindle mechanism.
Rubik's Cube (first batch by Politechnika)The very first batch of the Rubiks Cube, from 1977 produced by Politechnika.
Rubik's Cube (Politoys)The Rubik's Cube produced in hungary after the company was renamed in Politoys.

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Rubik's Void

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