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Advertisement Roundy (three colours)Roundies advertising the late Kodak image printing service or T-D1. The texts are written in german.
Deinonychus RoundyFour wings, four colours. This version depicts a dinosaur.
Roundy (six colors)Three wings, six colours.

Roundy (split wings)Four wings, eight colours, each wing is split in halves.
Roundy (three colors)Three wings and three colours.
Roundy (three wings, splitted up)Three wings and six colours. Three segments are cut up in halve.

Roundy (twelve colours)Three wings, twelve colours, no markings.
Roundy (Verr├╝ckte)Four wings, four colours, with four nonsens texts in german.
Roundy (Zug)Three wings, one colour, with an unknown advertisement.

Roundy - abstract artFour wings and four colors - this version shows a pieces of abtract art on one solved face.
Roundy - AxsymThree wings and six colours and a very small advertisement for a company.
Roundy - Charlie PuzzleFour wings, four colours.

Roundy - Eight ColorsFour wings and eight colours. Four segments are cut up in halve
Roundy - Happy BirthdayFour wings, four colours, reads "Happy Birthday" on the white side.
Roundy - I Love YouFour wings, four colours. This version reads: "I Love You".

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