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What's New: The Past 7 Days
1x1x2 RoadblockAlthough it tries to look like a 1x1x2 this puzzle is a 1x2x3.
2x2x3 Camouflage Type IA 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it pretends to be a 2x2x3.
2x4x6 (pillowed)A pillowed version of the 2x4x6. Made from a mass produced 4x4x6.

AI megamorphix V.2 and V.3A megamorphix (a shape variant of the 4x4x4) bandaged like the AI Cube.
Arancia MeccanicaA moving bead puzzle with seven colors of beads, and a base that resembles an orange.
Bram's MagicSix ball connected in a loop. The moves defy everything you might know from twistypuzzles.

Bridge CubeA bandaged cube with a lot of possibilities which go beyond the classics.
CrazyB4cubeThe Crazy B4 Cube was sold as a kit, which combines 13 Centre Types, various External B4 Bandaging, and/or PGE Parity to a Circle Cube (000), Crazy 3x3x3 Planet Cubes or Crazy 2-face puzzles.
DOGIC UltimateThe deeper cuts of a dogic combined with the cuts of a Icosamate. A corner turning icosahedron with four layers.

Geared MixupA Gear Cube combined with the Mixup Cube. It allows 90�-moves.
Lucky CloverEight plungers are used to move up to sixteen pieces. Three possible configurations.
Rhomdo TransformerA hybrid puzzle but not in the classical meaning of the word. It takes an awkward axis system and makes it more awkward.

Rubik's Cube CushionFloppy cushion might have been a better name.
Rubiks CondomNuff said.

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