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What's New: The Past 7 Days
13x13x13 Ball PuzzleA 13x13x13 truncated into the shape of a sphere.
25th anniversary cube (Kroeger)Another version commemorating the 25th birthday of Rubik's Cube. This one is from Kroeger Inc, produced fro the canadian market.
2x2x4Unlike the bandaged 4x4x4, all sixteen of these "cubies" are actual cubes.

2x2x4 cubeA 2x2x4 in cubic shape but rotated inside the solid.
Air JordanDepicts six images of the famous basketball player.
Babycross 4x4x4A 4x4x4 with four additional pieces on all six sides. All fully functional.

Bump 3x3x3 TorusA variant of a bumped 3x3x3 in the shape of a torus.
Color Matcher (aka: Circus Puzzle, Circus Seven)A simple little puzzle that can be solved quite quickly with an exhaustive search.
Constrained MegaminxThe dodecahedral cousin of the Constrained Cube.

Cornerless CubeA custom made cornerless cube without any remnants of the corner pieces visible.
Crono CubeBandaged cube with two blocks of 2 pieces and four blocks of 4 pieces.

Cubo Rubik's3x3x3 from 2014 by Hasbro, produced for the spanish market. Utilizes a pagoda style mechanism.
Cuboid illusionThe unproportional brother of the Cubillusion.
Cuboid illusion (3x3x4)The taller unproportional brother of the Cubillusion.

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