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What's New: The Past 7 Days
13 sided polyhedronA skewb extended with plastic sheets and thereby transformed into a highly irregular polyhedron but still a convex one.
17x17x17Also known as "Over the top". A puzzle made just because it is possible.
2x2x2 megaminxA hybrid puzzles which combines two seemingly incompatible puzzles.

2x2x2 UfoCould be considered as a truncated Okki but is made by extending a 2x2x2.
4-corner-ONLY-cubeA Rainbow cube with plastic sheets. A bandaged Dino Cube. Definitely a trivial puzzle.
5x5x5 Illusion cubeEasier 5x5x5 version of the V-cube Illusion

Bandaged Square-1 IIA Square-1 bandaged two allow only two types of moves.
Big Stickerless Magic Cube (185 mm)Gigantic 3x3x3 without stickers.
Black-and-white Radiation PyramorphixTwo colour master pyramorphix

Crazy 2x2x2A mass produced cross cube built with pieces from the Super 2x2x4.
Crazy 2x2x2 Circle BallA mass produced cross cube with spherical pieces inside of each face.
Cubo MagicoItalian cube advertising a world championship in Montecarlo in 1982.

Dino OctaA face turning octahedron. Built without CAD before the age of 3D-printing!
Double Circle Real 5x5x5The Real 5x5x5 => A 5x5x5 with a 3x3x3 inside and twistable.
Explosed CubeA series of seven cubes which resemble an exploding cube.

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