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What's New: The Past 30 Days
13x13x13The puzzles titles couldn't be more descriptive.
1x2x3 2x2x3 mashupA 1x2x3 with four additional cuts and therefore a lot more positions.
2x2x10A straight forwardly designed cuboid of ridiculous dimensions.

2x2x2 DominoA 2x3x3 modified to look like a 2x2x2. It allows 90°-moves only on one axes.
2x2x4 CubeUnlike the bandaged 4x4x4, all sixteen of these "cubies" are actual cubes.
3-layer DürerA cheese with three layers in shape of Dürers solid.

3x3x3 Circle CubeThe crazy version of the 3x3x3.
3x3x5 (Extended)A custom built 3x3x3 variation that functions as a 3x3x3.
3x4x4One of the earlier cuboids. Started as one of Tony Fisher's custom puzzle.

40-tiles MagicA handmade Rubiks Magic of amazing size. No of its two solutions have the rectangular pattern.
4x4x4 with a partial twistAn enhanced 4x4x4 with split up edges that allow additional moves.
5x5x5 Truncated CuboctahedronVery deeply truncated 5x5x5 Rubik's Wahn.

6x6x8A fully functional half regular cuboid which would have been impossible in the days without CAD and shapeways.
7x7x7 BiconeA 7x7x7 cube truncated into the shape of a Bicone.
Actovegin/Horm CubeA promotional cube featuring the logos Actovegin and Horm.

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