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13x13x13The puzzles title couldn't be more descriptive.
A Square-1 with an internal blocking of movements. A Square-1 even more bandaged.
3x3x3 Circle CubeThe crazy version of the 3x3x3.

3x3x3 JewelA strange but somewhat symmetrical solid truncated from a 3x3x3.
3x3x5 IITony Fisher's version. Handbuilt from a 5x5x5.
BGA CubeFeaturing the Black, Gould & Associates insurance company.

ClockwiseTwelve moving pieces on a circle with two possible holes.
Crazy Pill 4x4x6A mass produced 4x4x6 truncated into the shape of a pill.
Curvy Copter IIIAn edge-turning hexahedron with cuttings depths somewhere between Curvy Copter and Curvy Copter II.

Dayan Gem VIA relative of the Wheel-of-Wisdom in shape of a Truncated triakis octahedron.
Dayan Gem VIIIA face-turning octahedron in shape of a truncated tetrahedron (an archimedean solid) with non-equidistant cuts.
Dürer's SolidA 2x2x2 in shape of a truncated rhombohedron. It was inspired by a painting of Albrecht Dürer.

Dino DodecahedronThe easiest corner-turning dodecahedron. The name is taken from its hexahedral cousin.
Domino (medium) 2x2x3A 2x2x3 which looks like a domino with one layer removed.
Dual Solve MegaminxA Megaminx stickered to have two solutions.

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