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13x13x13 Ball in a CubeA 13x13x13 almost truncated into the shape of a sphere.
2x4x4A fully functional 2x4x4 Cuboid
3D Rubik's Cube BB-8A 2x2x2 resembling a prominent droid from the seventh Star Wars movie.

3D Rubik's Cube R2-D2Sixteen years after the prototype this puzzle went into mass production.
3D-Skewb cubeA mass produced piece shuffle. The pieces of a skewb and a skewb ultimate were exchanged.
3x3x3 (from Sverdlovsk)Another cube produced in the soviet union with different packaging.

7x7x7 Ball in a cubeA 7x7x7 almost truncated into the shape of a sphere.
Aleh's Minx IIBuilt from a megaminx this puzzle has six twistable sides of which not all allow 72°-turns.
AntiCubeA face-turning tetragonal antiprism.

Arancia MeccanicaA moving bead puzzle with seven colors of beads, and a base that resembles an orange.
Axis Cutter CubeCombination of Axis Cube and Cutter Cube

Bart Simpson Head 2A 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Bart Simpson's head.
BiggaflopA bigger version of the Floppy Cube

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