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What's New: The Past 30 Days
100-puzzleA (much) bigger version of the famous 15-puzzle customly printed.
15-cubeFrom the outside it is a normal 3x3x3. On the inside it sports a novel concept of bandaging.
1x2x3 BabyfaceThe babyface variant of the 1x2x3

22x22x22Formerly the highest order cube, beaten by Greg’s 33x33x33
2x2x2 Transform pyraminx ShuangZiTaLolo's octahedron mass produced in the shape of a stellated octahedron.
2x2x2 Transform pyraminx LiuSeLingJingLolo's octahedron mass produced in the shape of a rhombohedron.

2x2x2 Transform pyraminx standardLolo's octahedron mass produced in the shape of a tetrahedron.
321-Cube 6x6x6A bandaged 6x6x6 resembling a higher order "Special 2x2x2"
3x3x3 Mixup Ultimate CubeA higher order cousin of the Mozaika. It consists of an outer 2x2x2 and rings of pieces between them. Heavily bandaged.

3x3x5 Fisher StarA 3x3x5 in shape of a Star Cube.
3x7x11Extensions glued onto a cube an thereby bandaged into a cuboid.
4+4 corners cubeAn enhanced version of the "4 corners cube". A puzzle with 16 possible turns in two different sets.

4CubesFour parts (looking like a 3x3x3) connected into a single puzzle. The second (the other being an 11x11x11) collaboration of Tony Fisher with another designer.
5x5x7 Fisher CuboidA 5x5x7 designed from scratch to have the original shape but turned by 45° around the high axis.
5x7x9 (pillowed)A slightly pillowed 5x7x9. Made by hand from a 9x9x9.

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