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Moving Marbles
Butterfly (Motyl)Group the wooden balls on both oval tracks.
D-TurnThe blue version.
Diamond Bob's Billiards 8 Ball PuzzleArrange the 8 pool balls in numerical order.

Diamond Bob's Billiards 9 Ball PuzzleA true sequential movement puzzle. The 10 "balls" move around on a non-trivial track.
Figure EightA derivate of the Hungarian Rings from the soviet era.

Moeraki Games Nr. 3One of a series of Moving marbles games.
Moeraki Games Nr. 4One of a series of Moving marbles games.

Monroe's MarblesMove the marbles from one column to the next by tilting and turning. Try to get each column a single colour.
Pionir CubeA puzzle similar to the Varikon 3x3x3. It uses marbles instead of moveable cubes.
Russian Rotation PuzzleLooks like a puzzle with utilizes marbles and one hole to move them but in fact it is dexterity puzzle. Nontheless a rare collectors item from the 1980s produced in the soviet union.

Starlet (aka: Small Star) (aka: Swesdotschka)Group the two colours onto the two different rings.
Super Brain SpinnerA puzzle with moving marbles which reminds one of the Astrolabacus.

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