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Moving Marbles
1000 billion BarrelA custom built bigger version of the ten billion with more layers, more columns and more knobs.
American TrapA puzzle very similar to "Entrapment" aka "Magic Marble" but with four columns per layer.
Briansk ringsAnother derivative of the hungarian rings produced in the USSR.

Butterfly (Motyl)Group the wooden balls on both oval tracks.
Color Exchange20 pieces on two separate rings and one moveable plunger.
Diamond Bob's Billiards 8 Ball PuzzleArrange the 8 pool balls in numerical order.

Figure EightA derivate of the Hungarian Rings from the soviet era.
Five columns of marblesFive columns with five marbles each connected through a single pipe.
HeartacheA puzzle with sixteen moving marbles. It came out three years before Ernö Rubik invented the cube.

Hungarian Rings (soviet version in plastic bag)Produced in at least two different factories with different coloured marbles.
Moeraki Games Nr. 3One of a series of Moving marbles games.
Moeraki Games Nr. 4One of a series of Moving marbles games.

Monroe's MarblesMove the marbles from one column to the next by tilting and turning. Try to get each column a single colour.
OrionSix numbered pieces in two intersecting rings.
Starlet (aka: Small Star) (aka: Swesdotschka)Group the two colours onto the two different rings.

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