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Rings of pieces (3D + 1x1xN)
1x1x3 Burger CubeAn improved version of the Screwball. The top and down parts of the puzzle can be rotated independently.
Buzzle Ball14 pieces rotating on a sphere divided in 3 (!) distinct layers.
Chi Gung Massage BallAn elusive puzzle dating back from the times of the original puzzle craze.

Columbus TojāsA puzzle in the line of the Space Massager or the Leesho.
Copper OrbA CADed relative of the "The Orb" with three rows of marbles instead of four.
Golden OrbA CADed relative of the "The Orb" with six rows of marbles instead of four.

GrenadeLooks like a Space Massager with three layers and black body.
Magic BagelFour rings of marbles with two cylinders synchronized by gears.
Magic BeanA version of the Orb that is even smaller than the Copper Orb.

Muschel DrehholzFour rings of six balls each.
Mystic Healthful Massage BallA six-coloured massage ball looking like the Equator but allows an additional move
Orb (aka Orb-It) (english versions)A bead-moving puzzle that came in at least four different versions. The non-english versions have their own entry.

Orb (aka Orb-It) (non-english versions)Versions of Orb-It produced for the non-english speaking market.
Over-and-UnderThree rings with seventeen marbles each, unconnected but exchangeable.
Pearlorbs aka Magic Beaded BallAn Orb-It with white body. Possibly a knockoff.

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