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Hungarian Rings
Hungarian RingsGroup the four colours to solve.
Hungarian Rings (russian original)Produced in Yerevan Factory Theatre-souvenir products during the soviet era.
Hungarian Rings - Mini versionA small version version from the eastern bloc.

Hungarian Rings - Olympic EditionA greater version of the Hungarian Rings - Five rings with marbles in five colors.
Hungarian rings - Russian versionA variant of the Hungarian Rings from russian descent.
Hungarian Rings - Singapore AirlinesGroup the four colours to solve this puzzle.

Hungarian Rings - Stronger plasticAnother version of the Hungarian Rings. This one has an enhanced case with more plastic.
Hungarian Rings - Transparent plasticDifferent version of the Hungarian Rings with transparent body and a different number of marbles.
Hungarian Rings - Triumph-AdlerPromotional version for Triumph-Adler, a computer peripherals company.

Magic 8Group the three colours to solve this puzzle.
Rubik's RingsModern adaptation of the Hungarian Rings.

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