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Multi-origin core
Bubble PentA boublesized corner-turning pillowed pentagonal prism.
Bubbloid112A cornerturning cuboid designed to be a puzzle with a multi-origin-core. The second implementation of this concept.
Bubbloid122A Compy Cube redesigned to be a puzzle with a multi-origin-core.

Double DinoA puzzle which axes do not meet in a single point. It combines mechanisms of the Floppy Cube and the Dino Cube.
Fractal CubeA twisty puzzle that is self-similar.
Fully functional Siamese 2x2x2The first Siamese puzzle that can intermingle pieces between the parts.

Fully functional Siamese 3x3x3Looks like the first handmade modification ever but is a completely new puzzle. A pair of Siamese Cubes which allow to exchange pieces between the halves.
Fun BlockFun Block is a multi-origin puzzle with five axes of rotation. It can be viewed as shape variant of the Fully Functional Siamese 2x2x2.
H CubeA fractal twisty puzzle

Mosaic BlockA cuboid, but a corner-turning one.
PentastickThe first doctrinaire puzzle where all axis don't meet in a single point but in two different ones.
Twisty TreeA "puzzle" looking like a tree.

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