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Jumbling-only axis system
Bermuda 3.5A solid with six sides of which three are twistable.
Big BoulderAs the creator states: "Big Boulder is a blatant case of twisty puzzle extremism."
Crystal Trap A faceturning tetragonal trapezohedron. A jumbling only puzzle.

Dave's DiamondAn edge-turning hexagonal dipyramid sliced through the origin.
Deeper MadnessA deeper cut version of More Madness (which itself is a deeper cut cousin of Meteor Madness). A jumbling-only puzzle.
Dino BramA puzzle in shape of a rhombicuboctahedron, an archimedean solid. Movements are possible around its corners. Therefore it allows only jumbling moves.

Distorted CubeA distorted Rubik;s Cube that jumbles.
Edge of InsanityA jumbling-only puzzle based on the triangular dipyramid geometry.
ETRTAn Edge-Turning Rhombic Triacontahedron.

Face-Turning PyritohedronA puzzle in shape of the namegiving Pyritohedron. Is allows only jumbling moves.
Face-turning tetragonal trapezohedronThe first face-turning tragonal trapezohedron. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Fairly FudgedThe sucsessor of Fairly Twisted. With the help of fudging one new type of move is made possible.

Fairly TwistedA twisty puzzle with seven turning faces designed to have no symmetry.
Fang-10An edge-turning pentagonal dipyramid. A puzzle that allows only jumbling moves.
Fat Pentum (Face-Turning Pentagonal Bifrustum)A Pentagonal Bifrustum, which allows faceturns on all of its twelve sides. It is a jumbling-only puzzle.

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