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1x1x2 RoadblockAlthough it tries to look like a 1x1x2 this puzzle is a 1x2x3.
1x2x3A very simplistic cuboid but a must for completionists.
1x2x3 (round)This wonderful custom built puzzle was created from scratch.

1x2x3 2x2x3 mashupA 1x2x3 with four additional cuts and therefore a lot more positions.
1x2x3 Bump CubeA bumped 1x2x3
1x2x3 Christmas TreeA 1x2x3 puzzle in the shape of a Christmas tree.

1x2x3 CylinderA 1x2x3 in shape of a cylinder.
1x2x3 Fisher CubeA 1x2x3 rotated inside its solid.
Circle 1x2x3A 1x2x3 with circles in the small faces. This doesn't change the puzzle but looks fascinating.

Cone 1x2x3A 1x2x3 with an additional piece printed in-place on a FDM-printer to resemble the shape of a cone.
Delta 1x2x3This is a 3D-printed shape modification of a 1x2x3 which resembles the Greek letter Delta.
Diamond compass 1x2x3 INavigate with the compass between diamond and the Chinese temple .
Bring the diamond shape and the compass into the original state.

Diamond compass 1x2x3 IIBring the diamond shape and the compass into the original state.
Ewok & Kung-Fu BearThe junior bear with customized stickers.
Hanayama 1x2x3 BottleA promotional 1x2x3 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.

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