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Intersecting Plungers
4x4 (Crossover)A rebuilt Crossover puzzle with a custom scheme on the tiles.
Andreas CrossingThe 3D-equivalent to puzzles with intersecting plungers.
Bram's SquareA puzzle which combines intersecting plungers with rotations of large portions.

Colors CrossTwo plungers and one rotation used to move nine pieces.
Crossover puzzleA puzzle back from the early 1980s produced by Nintendo. It works with intersecting plunges and polarised light.
Dots (Crossover)A rebuilt Crossover puzzle with a custom scheme on the tiles.

Double CrossOne plunger and two rotations used to move ten pieces.
Double Trouble (sliding)16 tiles moved by three plungers.
Dual716 tiles moved by two plungers. A custom made puzzle similar to Tri-Trick.

Elemental:AluminiumA heart-shaped variant of Elemental:Fluorine with four additional pieces.
Elemental:ArgonAn enhanced version of Elemental:Beryllium-10
Elemental:Beryllium-10The third member of the series of Elementals. This time there are 4 plungers of which 2 are side by side.

Elemental:ChromiumThe holy grail of the Elemental-series.
Elemental:FluorineA very close relative to the Elemental:Neon from the same inventor.
Elemental:NeonThe first element in a whole series of puzzles working with plunger under- and overlapping each other.

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