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2x6x7A fully functional cuboid hand made from a 7x7x7.
3x5x7 (non-olzed cuboid)A 3x5x7 made in shape of a cuboid almost without visible olzing.
3x5x7 (truncated)A pillowed version of a 3x5x7 made from a cubic 7x7x7.

3x5x7 bump cuboidA 3x5x7 bump cuboid (mirror blocks) made with 3D printed extensions.
3x5x7 Fisher Cuboid3x5x7 Fisher Cuboid created by bandaging and extending (with 3D printed extensions) a 7x7x7.
3x6x7A fully functional cuboid hand made from a 7x7x7.

3x7x7 (extended)A 3x7x7 cuboid, built with extension on pieces of a reduced 7x7x7.
3x7x7 (pillowed)A pillowed version of the 3x7x7. Made from a 7x7x7.
4x6x7 (truncated)A fully functional cuboid hand made from a 7x7x7 by removing layers.

4x7x7 floppy I-cube ultimateA 7x7x7 where the 2 top layers and the 1 bottom layer have been bandaged and truncated.
5x5x7 Bump CubeA 5x5x7 bumped with 3D printed extensions.
5x5x7 CuboidA 7x7x7 bandaged and extended into this cuboid.

5x6x7 Floppy I-cube ExtremeA bandaged 7x7x7 with three layers removed on two sides.
5x7x7 (pillowed)A pillowed version of the 5x7x7. Made from a 7x7x7.
5x7x7 Floppy I cubeA 7x7x7 with the 3 top layers bandaged and truncated.

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