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321-Cube 6x6x6A bandaged 6x6x6 resembling a higher order "Special 2x2x2"
4x5x6 Floppy I-Cube ExtremeA bandaged 6x6x6 with three layers removed on two sides.
4x6x6 (Bandaged 6x6x6)A 6x6x6 truncated and bandaged to emulate a 4x6x6.

4x6x6 Super TabletA 6x6x6 bandaged, extended and restickered.
5x6x6The world first fully functional 5x6x6 cuboid.
5x6x6 I-CubeA 6x6x6 with one layer cut away.

66 mm 6x6x6 V-CubeA 6x6x6 V-Cube truncated a bit. A failed attempt to transform it into a perfectly proportioned 6x6x6.
6x6x6 BarrelA 6x6x6 truncated into the shape of a cylinder.
6x6x6 Bricks CubeThe logical successor of the Wall Cube.

6x6x6 Ghost cubeThe higher order brother of the Ghost Cube. Made from a 6x6x6.
6x6x6 Mastermorphix - aka HexaphobicA 6x6x6 Mastermorphix. A 6x6x6 transformed into the shape of a Reuleaux tetrahedron.
6x6x6 Mirror Blocks / Devil's BlocksFully functional 6x6x6 Mirror Blocks.

6x6x6 Rhombic DodecahedronA 6x6x6 truncated and extended into the name giving shape.
6x6x6 Truncated Trajbers OctahedronA 6x6x6 transformed into an octahedron and then truncated on all six points.
6x6x6 V-SculptureA 6x6x6 cube modified into a solid similar to a stellated octahedron.

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