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Deluxe Lights OutPlayed on a 6x6 grid. From 1996
E-CubeSeems to be a successor of iGame 7. Has 11 games and apps instead of 4.
Game Robot 50An electronic game from Hanayama with 50 different games.

iGame 7An electronic Rubiks Cube completely playable plus some additional games.
LastoutAn electronic two-player game although one player might be replace by the computer.
Lights OutThe original version from 1995

Lights Out (Reissue)Identical to the original version except the styling. From 2002.
Lights Out 2000The updated version. The lights have three states instead of two.
Lights Out CubeThe cube version of Lights Out.

Lights Out KeychainPlayed on a 4x4 toroidal grid. From 1997
Lights Out MiniPlayed on a 4x4 toroidal grid. From 1997
LuminationsFour vertices with three lights each. These can be switched by rotation the whole puzzle. These changed are used to play a number of different games.

Merlin (aka: The Electronic Wizard)An electronic toy with 6 different playable games.
Nemesis FactorElectonic, talking, logic puzzle for up to 4 separate players.
OrbixA spherical version of Lights Out.

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