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Hans van der Zon
Color-slideA more complicated moving-hole-puzzle.
Color-slide IIA series of more complex moving-hole puzzles
Colors CrossTwo plungers and one rotation used to move nine pieces.

Double CrossOne plunger and two rotations used to move ten pieces.
HorVer-PuzzleFour pairwise intersecting plungers with sixteen pieces.
Lucky CloverEight plungers are used to move up to sixteen pieces. Three possible configurations.

Ranking StarsTwo sets of three intersecting plungers. It comes with two blocks for bandaging the puzzle additionally.
Slide 11 DiskOne plunger and one rotation (with an odd number of pieces) used to move thirteen pieces.
Slide&Turn Turn&SlideA moving Hole with an additional twist.

Triple Slide Egg6, 9 or 12 pieces in rotatable three circles plus one empty slot.

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