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Ryan Binter
Celtic TetrahedronThe first tetrahedron with the axis system of an edge-turning hexahedron.
Face- and Corner-turning IcosahedronAn icosahedron which allows faceturns and cornerturns.
Face-Turning PyritohedronA puzzle in shape of the namegiving Pyritohedron. Is allows only jumbling moves.

Face-turning tetragonal trapezohedronThe first face-turning tragonal trapezohedron. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Fat Pentum (Face-Turning Pentagonal Bifrustum)A Pentagonal Bifrustum, which allows faceturns on all of its twelve sides. It is a jumbling-only puzzle.
GigahexaminxA Gigaminx transformed into the shape of a pillowed hexahedron.

Latch MegaminxThe concept of the Latch Cube applied to the Megaminx.
Master PrisminxA pentagonal prism with two cuts per axis. The depth of the cuts is different compared with the professor pentagonal prism.
PentaminxA corner-turning hexahedron in shape of the Truncated Triakis Tetrahedron.

Professor Hexagonal PrismA hexagonal prism with two cuts per face.
Professor Pentagonal PrismThis is a face-turning 5x5x5 pentagonal prism. The sides must be turned 180 degrees.
Professor Triangular PrismA triangular prism with 3 layers on the main axis and 5 layers in height.

SkiamondA corner-turning dodecahedron (or face-turning icosahedron) transformed into the shape of a rhombic triacontahedron.
Small BoulderA face-turning Pentagonal Icositetrahedron.
TriangulumA Starminx in shape of a tetrahedron. It was designed from scratch.

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