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Christoph Bandelow
A magia de RubikOs três anéis mágicos
Christoph's Magic JewelA very rare truncated Octahedron.
Das Geheimnis der magischen RingeAlles über das neue Puzzle vom Würfel-Erfinder
Die schönsten Figuren

Jahrbuch Überblicke Mathematik One article of 17 pages: "Rubiks Zauberwürfel"

MegaminxMeffert's version from 1982 with six colours.
Megaminx (1999)This is a newer version of the Megaminx, published by Meffert, with tiles and 12 distinct colors.
Megaminx (Tomy)Tomy's twelve colour 1982 version.

Mickey's Challenge Guide bookSolution booklet sold together with the spherical skewb
Rubik's Magische RingeDie 5-Sekunden-Lösung
Das Geheimnis des Systems
Die schönsten Figuren

Rubiks Zauberwürfel (preprint)Preprint of an article published in a mathematical journal the next year.

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