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Other Puzzles: Other Mechanisms
Brainstring AdvancedAn improved design and an additional set of strings set this version apart from the original.
Brainstring OriginalTwelve elastic strings are moved around within a transparent cube.
BramboulesInspired by CMetrick this puzzle pushes that concept to a new level.

CerberusSix telescopic rods have to be arranged into a pentagram.
ChronosA puzzle which is based on the fourth dimensional symmetry (edge-transitivity) of the 4D polytope 5-cell (also known as Pentachoron)
Clock 4x4Rubiks Clock scaled up to greater size.

ColossusA puzzle which is based on the fourth dimensional symmetry (edge-transitivity) of the 4D polytope 24-cell (also known as Icositetrachoron).
Combinescion meets Rubik's ClockA set of three Rubik's Clocks with a custom motive resembling the three most rare variants of the combinescion.
CosmosThis puzzle pretends to be based on a 4D polytope but it is not. Instead it is a cube with its antipodes connected.

Crazy Elephant DanceA generalized version of Elephant Spin-Out. All elephants allows three different states instead of two.
Double-faced Magnetic Magic ClockA variant of Rubik's Clock implemented with 204 magnets.
Elephant OutA colourful version of Spin Out, but in a smaller size and the knobs are decorated with elephants.

Floppy Fidget ChainA 1x2xN combined with a chain for fidgeting.
Gear Bracelet 7+5Eight Gears of different sizes on a foldable band.
Gear Bracelet Double RowSixteen gears placed on a bracelet, grouped in sets of four.

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