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Other Puzzles: Pattern Matching
Enigma - Droit Au ButDepicts a coat of arm with the writing "Droit Au But"
Enigma - Eat outDepicts a women and a man eating out.
Enigma - FC MiddlesbroughA promotional item which depicts the logo of the soccer club "FC Middlesbrough".

Enigma - FC TwenteA promotional item which depicts the logo of the dutch soccer club "FC Twente".
Enigma - GearsDepicts three connected gears
Enigma - HeinzA promotional item for Heinz, famous for their tomato ketchup and other sauces.

Enigma - HitHit - Promotional products
Enigma - IXOSComplete the circle of arrows to solve this verison promoting the company IXOS.
Enigma - Microsoft OfficeThis version was created to promote the Microsoft Office System Launch "A Great Moment At Work" on October 21, 2003.

Enigma - Mind GamesAdvertises an employee referral program
Enigma - Norman Sandfield - IPP 24Created for IPP 24 in Tokio.
Enigma - Robot armDepicts a robot arm

Enigma - Sandfield BrothersIt reads: "The Brothers' adventures continues"
Enigma - Six CirclesDepicts six interlocked circles in six colors.
Enigma - StarsIt reads: "The future is in our stars"

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