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Puzzle Related: Miscellaneous Stuff
Rubik's Cube: Solved!The visual solution to the puzzle of the century. Apparently a video tape.
Rubik's GamesA CD with programs simulating Rubik's Games and other programs.

Rubik's HűbA fully functional USB 2.0 Hub inside of a no longer function 3x3x3.
Rubik's HandbagAn handbag desinged like a scrambled Rubiks Cube.
Rubik's Heritage CollectionA packaging with three puzzle. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the invention of Rubiks cube. Dated on 2014, in this case.

Rubik's PenA pen with a cube-inspired pattern. Woodturned, stickered, and sealed with superglue.

Rubik's PillowThis is a Pillow.
Rubik's Race advertisementA cardboard sign to advertise Rubik's Race.
Rubik's Revolution Promotion PinA pin used for a promotional event presenting Rubiks Revolution.

Rubik's Revolution Promotion StandA stand used for a promotional event presenting Rubiks Revolution.
Rubik's RugA Rubik's Cube rug-hooking hooked with wool. Created by Patricia Truesdale. Patterns captured by watching a Rubik's Screensaver.
Rubik's SafeIt looks like a 5x5x5 but is a 1x1x5. A poor man's Treasure Chest.

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Rubik's Void

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Eastsheen 4x4x4 (Dome)
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Rubik's 360
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