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Puzzle Related: Miscellaneous Stuff
Rubik's Scratch CardsA scratch card celebrating the 40th anniversary of the "Magyar Szerencsejáték Zrt" (Hungarian gaming / gambling company)
Rubik's The Amazing Cube magic slateA magic slate depicting characters from the 1980's television series "Rubik's The Amazing Cube"
Rubik's underwearUnderpants featuring the Rubiks-logo from the SevenTows era.

Rubiks BuckleA belt buckle depicting a Rubiks Cube.
Rubiks T-ShirtA T-Shirt featuring the Rubiks-logo from the SevenTows era.

Singmaster's pinsA series of pin which were designed and distributed by David Singmaster during the original cube craze.
Speedcubing Kit from MegahouseA standard cube sold with screw drivers and lubricant.
Swarovski Cube PendantA necklace sized 3x3x3 cube that functions like a 1x1x3. Apparently created by the Swarovski Crystal company.

The amazing Cube ClockA alarm clock looking like the Rubiks. It is not a puzzle because only one side can be moved to swith between the modes.
The Idiots Solution To The Rubiks CubeNot a book but a set of labels to "solve" the cube.
The Rubik's Collection (collection packaging)Classic Brain-twisting Puzzles from Professor Rubik.
Original package containing Rubik's Magic, Rubik's Cube 4th Dimension, and Rubik's Clock.

The solution - Child's play!An audio casette with a solution spoken by Calum Mclean.
Tote BagA tote bag produced by Ideal Toy Cororation during the original cube craze.

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