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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Magic Cube VYet another "Magic Cube".
Magnetic Dice Bandaged CubeA variant of the Magnetic Dice Cube that was bandaged with a magnetised wooden block.
Magnetic Dice CubeA 3x3x3 made out of dice and magnets.

Map CubeA cube of a map.
Master Cubo MagicoSticker variation related to the Ultimate Cube. Sold by the italian license taker of ITC during the original cube craze.
Matches CubeA 3x3x3 built from 4200 matches.

Mattel Mini Cube (painted)This cube, which is the same size as a Rubik's Key Chain, has coloured spots painted on the blue pieces.
Mattel Mini Cube (stickered)This cube, which is the same size as a Rubik's Key Chain, has rounded stickers.
Mia san MiaA promotional cube for german football (aka soccer) club "FC Bayern M√ľnchen"

Micro Cube Key ChainA small sized cube (about 19 mm, 3/4") key chain
Micro Cube NecklaceA small cube (about 19 mm, 3/4") as necklace
Micro Pocket cubeThis is a pocket cube made from a micro version with 30 mm edge length.

Microbic Cube - 12 mmAnother case of twistypuzzle extremism or better: minimalism.
micubeA japanese 3x3x3 presumably from the original cube craze. Came in a cylindral package and a strangely shapes polygonal prism.
Mid-Sized CubeThis 37mm cube has a hole for a chain attachment, but there wasn't a chain attached when I found it for 25 cents at a thrift store.

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