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NxNxN: 2x2x2
Rubik's 2x2x2 (57 mm)57 mm edge length
Rubik's 2x2x2 cube (Version 2.0)A newly designed 2x2x2 with a mechanism resembling that of the 4x4x4 with the mechanism of Peter Sebesteny
Rubik's Hello Kitty Pocket CubeRubik's Hello Kitty Pocket Cube, imported from Japan.

Rubik's Ice CubeClear 2x2x2 Cube.
Rubik's JuniorA 2x2x2 with two goals to make the puzzle even easier and more beginner-friednly.
Rubik's Junior (57 mm)A big 2x2x2 mass produced by Seven Towns.

Rubik's MiniThe new version from Thinkfun.
Rubik's Mini CubeThe 1996 OddzOn version.
Rubik's Mini Cube (aka Pocket Cube)The 1998 OddzOn version.

Rubik's Mini Kub (swedish)The swedish version with cylindrical dome and Arxon-label.
Rubik's Perplexus HybridA 2x2x2 with parts of a marble labyrinth in it.
Rubik's Pocket CubeThe 1981 released by Ideal Toy Corporation.

Rubik's Pocket Cube (german)The german version with cylindrical dome and Arxon-label.
Rubik's Pocket Cube (plastic dome)Plastic dome packaging.
Rubik's Soft CubeA very big 2x2x2 made for kids that will survive any frustration-induced collision with a floor or a wall.

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