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Hidetoshi Takeji
Optional Bandage-able Cube (nano-blocks)A 3x3x3 covered with tiles of the "Nano-Block"-system. It allows to emulate every 3x3x3 with bonds visible on the surface.
Rhombic Triacontahedron MegaminxA megaminx in shape of the name giving solid.
Rubik's Tower (2x2x4 Cuboid)A mass produced 2x2x4 cuboid.

Shining DiamondA 3x3x3 truncated into the shape of a hexagonal dipyramid and afterwards truncated again.
Stair CubeTwo layers of different windmill cubes combines with the middle layer of a Fisher Cube.
Star Prism (4 layer)The Star Prism in the version with four layers.

Trick DominoA 2x3x3 treated like a windmill cube. Two identical looking but different versions exist.
Ultimate MegaminxA sticker variant of the megaminx adapted from the Ultimate Cube
Zock CubeA cubical 2x2x3 which solved position is a midturn state. This one was made before the 2x2x3 was mass produced.

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