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Oskar van Deventer
Slice 7x7x7A 7x7x7 with restricted movements.
Slice Gear CubeLooks like a 3x3x3 but combines at least four different concepts into one new creation.
Slice KilominxLooks like a cloned Kilominx but allows only slice turns.

Slice MegaminxA slices-only-version of the megaminx.
Slide AlongCould be viewed as another variant of Peters Black Hole but this wouldn't do the ingenuity of the mechanism any justice.
Slidey 2x2x2It looks similar to a Babyface puzzle but it works like an edges only 3x3x3.

Sliding 3x3x3A sliding piece puzzle on the sides of a 3x3x3.
Sliding CubeLooks like a 2x2x2 with a hole. Indeed it is a pure moving-hole-puzzle but a 3D-one.
Sloppy CubeA Melty D modified into the shape of a cube.

Smiley CubeA heavily disguised triamese cube implemented from scratch with a mechanism similar to the void cube.
Snakes in a planeA moving hole puzzle with a unique mechanism.
Spaghetti JunctionFour rings with seventy marbles in total, unconnected but exchangeable.

Spherigear DiamondFour balls and four wheels in one case.
Spherigear LoopEight spherical gears of which four are turned at any time in conjunction. The very rare case of an abelian twistypuzzle.
Spherigear TriangleThree sphere connected with gears so they can be twisted only in pairs.

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