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Thanks for viewing my colection. It isnt much but it is mine, and I hope it wil grow.

Quantity: 1


ITC Rubik's Cube - Japanese Edition Quantity: 1 The Japanese version.
Rubik's Cube (OddzOn) Quantity: 2 Official Rubik's Cubes manufactured in the 1990's and 2000's. I have a brand new 2004 one and a 1994 one. The 2004 one turns great.


Skewb Ultimate Quantity: 1 A dodecahedron build up from a Skewb.


Morph Quantity: 1 A 2x2x1 puzzle in the shape of Morph from Disney's Treasure Planet. My little brother gave me this in my chrismas stocking!


Rubik's UFO Quantity: 1 An attractive little puzzle, possibly related to the legendary Rubik's Cheeze.


Back Spin / Loophole Quantity: 2 A mix between the moving hole puzzles and the two-layer UFO puzzles. This was one of my first puzzles, it introduced me to the puzling world, (this NOT the rubik's cube).


Coca Cola Snake Quantity: 1
Highwise Puzzler Quantity: 1 Appears to be a Rubik's Snake clone.
Kibble Cube Quantity: 1 Not really a twisty puzzle. Somewhat similar to a Rubik's Snake.

P.G.Co Puzzle Snake Quantity: 1 Sold in Blue, Red and Green.
Rubik's Snake Quantity: 1 The original version produced by Politoys.

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