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Quantity: 1 Stickers are quite bad on this one
Quantity: 1


Rubik's Pocket Cube Quantity: 2 The 1981 release by Ideal.


Aggie Puzzle, The Quantity: 1 A good quality all-red novelty cube.
Bandaged Cube Quantity: 1 Tiled Meffert's version
Execube Quantity: 1 This beautiful cube was created using thick wooden tiles from six different distinctive species of wood.

Fifteen Cube Quantity: 1 Diagonal and Horizontal and Vertical colums add up to 15 each. Mine looks a bit different (with Korean writing)
ITC Rubik's Cube (US packaging I) Quantity: 1 Ideal's original 1980 cube. Missing logo. Currently residing in a glass jar.
ITC Rubik's Cube (US packaging III) Quantity: 1 New in the box.

Mini Cube Key Chain Quantity: 1 Missing stickers
Mini Cube Key Chain Quantity: 1 Missing stickers, missing chain
Mini Rubik's Cube - French edition Quantity: 1 Packaging labeled with french text.

Rubik's Cube (OddzOn) Quantity: 2 Official Rubik's Cubes manufactured in the 1990's and 2000's
Transparent "Key" Cube Quantity: 1 Includes a key which is used to disassemble the cube
Ultimate Cube Quantity: 1 A clever Rubik's Cube variant.

Wonderful Key Chain Quantity: 1 A Wonderful Puzzler keychain with normal colors.
Wonderful Puzzler Quantity: 1 Easily the most well known of the Rubik's Cube clones. No box with this one.
Wonderful Puzzler Quantity: 1 Easily the most well known of the Rubik's Cube clones.


Chex & Fruit Puzzle Cube Quantity: 2 This cube displays Chex cereal on one side, and 5 types of fruit on the other five sides. This was a mail-order product which required proofs of purchase from Chex(tm) Cereal in order to buy.
Domino Cube (white pips) Quantity: 1 This version has black plastic and white pips.
Hawaii Cube Quantity: 1

IQ Magic Cube Quantity: 2 Appears to be a tile cube by one of several companies that put this puzzle out.
McDonalds Cube (aka: McCube) Quantity: 1 This was apparently part of a McDonalds promotion in the early 80s.
Microsoft Recruiting Cube Quantity: 1 Some obscure software company gives these away on recruiting trips to college campuses. It advertizes some of the company's products and services.

Pac-Man Cube I Quantity: 1 This Wonderful Puzzler cube features images from the original Pac-Man video game.


Master Cube Quantity: 1 Meffert's 1999 version.
Rubik's Revenge (ITC) Quantity: 2 Follow up to the Rubik's cube, as shown by its name. Produced in 1982 and 1983 by Ideal in Korea and Macau.
Rubik's Revenge (Seven Towns) Quantity: 1 2000 Edition from Seven towns.


5x5x5 Magic Puzzle Quantity: 1 East Sheen's 2002 reduced size 5x5x5 cube. About the size of a typical 4x4x4.
Rubik's 5x5x5 Quantity: 1 2002 edition.
Ultimate, Rubik's Wahn, Master Revenge Quantity: 1 Invented by Udo Krell. Produced in Hong Kong.


Megaminx Quantity: 1 Meffert's six colour 1982 version. The stickers need to be secured a little better.


Pyramid P.G.Co Puzzle Quantity: 1 no case, no logo
Pyramid Puzzler Keychain Quantity: 1 A Pyraminx clone that measures exactly 50 mm along an edge.
Pyraminx (rounded corners) Quantity: 1 slightly torn sticker

Pyraminx (rounded corners) Quantity: 1 The black 1981 Meffert version.
Pyraminx (Tomy 1981) Quantity: 1 in the case, the case is missing the Sphinx stickers
Pyraminx (Tomy 1981) Quantity: 1 The 1982 Tomy version. New in the case, but the case is cube shaped!

Pyramorphix Clone Quantity: 1 A low quality clone, decorated with reflective stickers.
Rubik's Triamid Quantity: 1 Arrange the ten pieces by breaking them into two groups and putting them back together again.


Rainbow Cube - 14 Colour Quantity: 1 Fourteen colour edition of the Rainbow Cube.


3D Creative Puzzleball Quantity: 1 Produced with white an black body.
Duomaster Masterball Quantity: 1 The simplest of the Masterball variations.
Geomaster Masterball (aka: Rainbow) Quantity: 1 The most colourful and the most widely sought-after of the Masterball variations.

Impossiball (aka: Incrediball) Quantity: 1 In the original container
Impossiball (aka: Incrediball) Quantity: 1 A unique dodecahedral puzzle.
K-Ball 8 (Yellow background) Quantity: 1 New in its original clear container. This vesion has a yellow background body.


Alexander's Star Quantity: 1 New in the box
Alexander's Star Quantity: 2 A confusing 12 sided puzzle, closely related to the Megaminx.


Darth Maul Head Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Darth Maul's head.
Rubik's Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader Head Quantity: 3 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's Darth Sidious / Count Dooku Head Quantity: 2 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.

Rubik's Jango Fett / Clone Trooper Head Quantity: 2 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's R2D2 / C3P0 Head Quantity: 2 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's Senator Amidala / Princess Leia Head Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.


Rubik's UFO Quantity: 4 New in the box.
Rubik's UFO Quantity: 1 An attractive little puzzle, possibly related to the legendary Rubik's Cheeze.


Back Spin / Loophole Quantity: 1 A mix between the moving hole puzzles and the two-layer UFO puzzles.
Missing Link Quantity: 2 Probably the most popular tile sliding puzzle ever.
Missing Link (Tsukuda) Quantity: 1 Tsukuda Original's 1981 release of the Missing Link. In container with instructions!

Missing Link Key Chain Quantity: 1 The 1982 official Rubik's Missing Link Key Chain released by Ideal. This puzzle stands 60 mm tall excluding the keychain, and the keychain's plastic attachement loop.
Whip-It (3 layers) Quantity: 1 This 3x6 Whip-It stands approximately 7cm tall.


Astrolabacus Quantity: 5 A unique ball puzzle. Sold in small quantities online. All new in the box.
Orb (aka: Orb-It) Quantity: 1 New in the box
Orb (aka: Orb-It) Quantity: 1 Missing one bead

Orb (aka: Orb-It) Quantity: 1 A bead-moving puzzle that came in at least four different versions.
Orb (aka: Orb-It) Quantity: 1 In plastic container with instructions. Made in the UK, the beads are different colors than the US version.
Rubik's Shells Quantity: 2 A moving-ball puzzle with three-levels of difficulty.


Rubik's Magic (Matchbox) Quantity: 3 The 1986 black Matchbox version.
Rubik's Snake Quantity: 1 New OddzOn version

Rubik's Snake Quantity: 2 Original 1980's version
Simpsons Magic Quantity: 1 A day at the beach with the Simpsons.
Snake Cube Quantity: 1 A low quality Rubik's Snake clone.

Snake Key Chain Quantity: 1 A clone Snake key chain, available in different colours.


Color Matcher (aka: Circus Puzzle, Circus Seven) Quantity: 1 A simple little puzzle that can be solved quite quickly with an exhaustive search.
Rubik's Dice Quantity: 1 With original package
Rubik's Tangle Quantity: 1 "The World's Knottiest Puzzle."


Rubik's Clock Quantity: 2 Point all 18 clocks to 12 to solve.
Rubik's Clock Quantity: 1 Taken apart for pieces


The Simple Solution To Rubik's Cube Quantity: 1 Bantam Books


Face 4 Quantity: 1 Place four cubes in a tray so no colours duplicate on any side


15 Puzzle Quantity: 1 Binary Arts metalic
Battered old first cube Quantity: 1 After many years I found this hiding in my late grandmother's medicine cabinet of all places

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