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2x2x2 Stickerless WitTwo V1
2x2x2 Stickerless Dayan Zhanchi 2x2
2x2x2 Shengshou 2x2 in white

Mini 2x2x2 EastSheen in black


3x3x3 ShengShou Aurora in white
3x3x3 ShengShou Wind in white
3x3x3 Stickerless Dayan Zhanchi (57mm)

3x3x3 Stickerless Dayan Zhanchi (42mm)
3x3x3 Stickerless Gans III in gradient blue
3x3x3 Stickerless Moyu Weilong v2, standard colors

3x3x3 Stickerless Moyu Weilong v2, pastel colors
3x3x3 Stickerless concave 3x3
Ball Sudoku Cube Mefferts variant of the "Nine Color Scramble Cube"

Bandaged Cube Kit 3x3x3 Interchangable tile cube by CubeTwist
Big Stickerless Magic Cube (185 mm) Gigantic 3x3x3 without stickers.
Constrained Cube A 3x3x3 which twisting abilities can be contrained by various pieces. Mass produced versions of seven variants exists.

Cubix Tube A 3x3x3 with tube-like pieces.
Faceted Ball 3x3x3 Faceted version
Gift Cube / Treasure Chest Akunda Cube - Japanese release by Mefferts

Gift Cube / Treasure Chest A cube which is hollow and can be opened when solved.
LSD Cube A 3x3x3 with a graduating spectrum of stickers.
Mini 3x3x3 Stickerless Type C with tensioning

Mixup 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 that allows swapping of centers with edges.
Oversized 3x3x3 Cube 128mm cube by DianSheng

RGB Cube A 3x3x3 with spectrum of stickers
Rubenking Cube An attractive sticker variation with confusing properties.
Rubik's Cube My ol' stiff riveted & raggedy stickered genesis cube.

Sudoku Cube Sudoku cube
Sudoku Cube Sudoku cube
Sudoku Cube in white Each side stickered 1-9 in unique order

Tiled Cube Lanlan blue colored 'mini' cube (45mm) with textured tiles.
Ultimate Cube A clever Rubik's Cube variant.

WitEden Super 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 with circles on yellow and white faces. These faces can only be moved when the circles are restored.


Earth cube Transparent blue Type A cube, stickered with image of Earth.
Escher Lizard 3x3x3 Lizard version from Oliver stickers on a Shengshou Wind.
Maze Cube (3x3x3) A 3x3x3 custom sticker variation, filled with mathematical considerations, which shows a single closed loop line on it.

Shepherd's Cube A very confusing sticker variation. From the early 1980s.


4x4x4 QJ 'mini' 60mm version in white
4x4x4 Cyclone boys stickerless
Crazy 4x4x4 III The third 4x4x4 with circles on all six sides. The circles are larger as in the first two variants.

Faceted Ball 4x4x4 Faceted version to match the 3x3.
Shepherd 4x4x4 The stickering scheme of the Shepherd cube applied to a 4x4x4


5x5x5 ShengShou 5x5 v3
5x5x5 DianSheng stickerless 5x5
5x5x5 QiYi Stickerless 5x5x5

6X6X6 & UP

6x6x6 ShengShou in white
7x7x7 mini ShengShou 7x7 mini version in white
9x9x9 ShengShou in white

Cubic 7x7x7 A V-Cube 7x7x7 modified to give it a true cubic shape.


Cubic 3x3x5 A 3x3x5 in shape of a hexahedron. This allows some moves a true 3x3x5 cuboid would not allow.
Cubic 3x3x7 Mass produced cubic 3x3x7.
Cubic 3x3x9 I The logic successor of the cubic 3x3x7. A cuboid out of a series of cubes that behave like a bandaged 9x9x9.

Curvy Copter Lanlan in white
Curvy Copter III An edge-turning hexahedron with cuttings depths somewhere between Curvy Copter and Curvy Copter II.
Dino Cube MF8+Smaz in white

Edges Only Void Cube Lanlan in white
F-Skewb F-Skewb = Offset Skewb + 4 Dino cuts
Helicopter Cube Z-cube in white

Master Skewb Lanlan in white
Rex cube Lanlan in white
Skewb QJ in white


Axis cube YJ in white
Beveling Axis Cube A 3x3x3 which axis system was twisted less than 60 degrees.
Bump Cube Stickered in standard 6-color

Bump Cube White cube with blue stickers
Curvy Copter Plus A Curvy Copter with split up X-pieces
DaYan Bermuda Cube: Mars The Mars version of DaYan's Bermuda series.

Dreidel 3x3x3 A hybrid of corner-turning and face-turning cube. The cuts are inspired by the Dreidel Skewb. The cuts allow 60°-turns.
Fisher Axis Cube A Fisher Cube with a tilted axis.
Fisher Axis Cube A Fisher Cube with a tilted axis.

Gear Cube Extreme/Anisotropic Cube A Gear Cube with four geared edges replaced with four non-geared edges.
Ghost Cube A midturn 3x3x3 still in hexahedral shape but with such an awkwardly oriented axis system that every piece is uniquely shape and therefore sticker can be unicolored.

Junior Bump Cube A 2x2x2 was "bumped" to make it look like a Mirror Blocks aka Bump Cube.
Mirror Cube ShengShou in black and silver
Octo-Star A face-turning cube, capable of 45 degree turns in some circumstances.

Pillowed Hexaminx A pillowed version of the Hexaminx.
Square-1 CubeTwist in white
Square-2 CubeTwist in white

Super Square-1 A new challenge to the Square-1 / Cube 21.


2 Layer Super Square 1 A super Square-1 reduced to 2 layers.
2x2x3 White

2x2x4 Unlike the bandaged 4x4x4, all sixteen of these "cubies" are actual cubes.
2x3x3 Lanlan in white
3x3x3 Camouflage A 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it pretends to be a 3x3x3.

3x3x3 Camouflage A 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it pretends to be a 3x3x3.
3x3x4 (cube4You) Not the first fully functional 3x3x4 but the first mass produced.
3x4x4 One of the earlier cuboids. Started as one of Tony Fisher's custom puzzle.

3x4x5 The long awaited bigger brother of the 2x3x4.
4x4x6 A fully functional and fully proportional 4x4x6 made from a 4x4x4.
4x5x5 The "biggest" cuboid in the range of N<=5.

4x5x5 (mass produced) The first mass produced 4x5x5.
Crazy 2x2x4 A 2x2x4 with circles on the not-extended sides.
Crazy 2x3x3 DianSheng in white


Magic Octahedron Dayan in white
QJ Octahedron A 3x3x3 in shape of a non platonic octahedron.

Skewb Diamond Meffert's build-up and truncation of a Skewb into an octahedron.
Trajber's 4x4x4 Lanlan stickerless version
Trajber's Octahedron Of this 3x3x3-variant only few examples were produced and sold in the eighties.


Dayan Gem VIII A face turning octahedron in shape of a truncated tetrahedron (an archimedean solid) with non-equidistant cuts.


Constrained Megaminx The dodecahedral cousin of the Constrained Cube.
Dayan Megaminx I Stickerless with ridges
Dino Starminx A hybrid puzzle which looks like the Dino dodecahedron or the starminx. It combines the types of turns from both preceeding puzzles.

Kilominx The corners-only megaminx in dodecahedral shape which went into mass production.

Master Kilominx A face-turning dodecahedron with only 4 pieces along one edge.
Pentagram A corner-turning dodecahedron.
Skewb Ultimate A dodecahedron build up from a Skewb.


4x4x4 Rhombic Dodecahedron 12-sided 4x4x4 variation with the shape of a catalan solid.
Evil Eye II (Open-eye) Dodecahedron A variant of the Cross Cube in the shape of a rhombic dodecahedron. The holes in the twelve sides guarantee that the edges of the inner 3x3x3 are visible.

Rhombic Dodecahedron Built on a Skewb mechanism by Tony Fisher.
Rhombic Dodecahedron 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 with the namegiving shape which is a catalan solid.


Hexagonal Dipyramid 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 half-regularly truncated on 6 corners and afterwards extended. The result has th shape of the name giving solid.
Hexagonal Dipyramid 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 half-regularly truncated on 6 corners and afterwards extended. The result has th shape of the name giving solid.
Hexagonal Dipyramid 4x4x4 A 4x4x4 truncated six times. The shape gives the name of the puzzle.

Hexagonal Dipyramid 4x4x4 A 4x4x4 truncated six times. The shape gives the name of the puzzle.


Crazy Tetrahedron Plus - Saturn A derivative of the Crazy Tetrahedron. It is part of a series of eight variants named after the eight planets of the solar system.
Dinomorphix A tetrahedral version of the Dino Cube
Hoberman's Brain Twist A vertex turning tetrahedron that can turn insideout

Jing's Pyraminx The Jing's pyraminx was created by Adam Cowen and was produced by Uwe Meffert in 2009. It is a pillowed Halpern-Meier pyramid, based on the skewb mechanism.
Master Pyraminx (pillowed) Pillowed Master Pyraminx. Mass produced by Mefferts.
Master Pyraminx (pillowed) Pillowed Master Pyraminx. Mass produced by Mefferts.

Mastermorphix ShengShou stickerless version
Mastermorphix A higher-order Pyramorphix. A 3x3x3 transformed into the shape of a tetrahedron.
New Pyraminx A new version of the Pyraminx inspired by the Prof Pyraminx from the same designer.

Professor Pyraminx Five-layer pyraminx in pillowed tetrahedron shape.
Pyramid Puzzler Keychain A Pyraminx clone that measures exactly 50 mm along an edge.
Pyraminx QJ white and tiled pyraminx


Crazy Pentahedron Puzzle - Earth A derivative of the Triangular Prism with circles on its sides. It is part of a series of eight variants named after the eight planets of the solar system.


DaYan Gem I Stickerless version
DaYan Gem V Stickerless v1

Dodecagonal Prism (4 layer) The Dodecagonal Prism in the version with four layers.
Rainbow Cube A beautiful (but simple) puzzle closely related to the Dino Cube!


Icosahedron Impossiball Created by Anthony Greenhill. Having never seen even pictures of another one before, he wonders if his is the first in existence.


Octaminx Ultimate Pyraminx Ultimate with small pyramidal tips. This version became mass produced.
Super 4x4x4 Mask Cube A truncated rhombic dodecahedron or chamfered cube. Made from a 4x4x4.


IQ 139 Puck (colorful) This is another version of the IQ139-theme. It combines the number with the colorful pieces of the Brainbow-variant.


Beachball Puzzleball Four coloured Skewb ball.
Dioctipoid A spherical puzzle that behaves like a corner-turning hexahedron.

Gear Ball A mass produced spherical Gear Cube.
Geomaster Masterball (aka: Rainbow) The most colourful and the most widely sought-after of the Masterball variations.

Megaminx Sphere Megaminx in shape of a sphere
Twistball A spherical Rainbow Cube. It comes in thirteen different designs.


2-layered Cheese DianSheng in white


ZhiSheng Egg Green eggs and false equivocation parities


Alexander's Star A confusing 12 sided puzzle, closely related to the Megaminx.
Star 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 in shape of a star with five tips.


Apple 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 in shape of an apple. A red and a green version exists.
Valentine's Heart Cube A 3x3x3 in shape of a heart.


Cake 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 in shape of a 3-layered cake.
Column Cube A cornerless 3x3x3 with some cubies glued onto the edges.
Crazy 2x2x2 A mass produced cross cube built with pieces from the Super 2x2x4.

Cross Cube A 5x5x5 without corners, wings and edges. The X- and T-faces are distinguishable.
Molecule A shape variant of a 2x2x2
Rainbow Nautilus A dihedral puzzle with fascinating shape, colors and a strange arrangement of cuts.

Twist Cubies A 3x3x3 which still has 6 sides but an additional twist.
Twister II A Fisher cube which still has 6 sides but an additional twist.
Vulcano A four layer puzzle originally named Trignis or Cross Pyraminx.

Wheel of Wisdom A puzzle made to break the laws of symmetry. A 3x3x3 with circles on all six sides. These circles are twistable in steps of 45°.


Baffle 60 beans in 12 columns and 5 rows.
Ivory Tower (aka: Tower of Babylon) One of the more successful puzzles from the original cube craze.
Whip-It Key Chain A 52 mm 3x6 Whip-It key chain


Chromosix Colour Ball (aka: Cromoball, Mystic I.Q. Ball) This version has no markings. Simply solve by color.
Dual Circle Dual Circle - surprisingly enough is two interlocking circles - pieces move when the circles are turned.
Knight spirit pill A cylinder with 4*8 tiles which can be moved in two completely different ways.

Leesho (3 layers) Three layers and one orthogonal ring of moving tiles.


Mirror Brick (aka Siamese Mirror Cube) C4U white with green stickers
Mirror Brick (aka Siamese Mirror Cube) Two Mirror Cubes fused into a single block. The special properties of the Mirror Blocks are used to create a puzzles with the shape of a cuboid.
Siamese Bump Cube Two bump cubes sharing a 1x3 block. C4U white cubes with red stickers


Mini Magic 1/4 size of regular magic.



Rubik's Clock Point all 18 clocks to 12 to solve.

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